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This one of hopefully many streams where I write things in the morning that are too naughty for my regular twitch channel.

Story Ideas and Concepts

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Demon Infected

* Contemporary horror, evil magical girls, monsters, modification *
A magician makes a fatal mistake when summoning a demon, allowing the demon to send evil spirits into the surrounding town. The spirits infect children, turning them into monsters—which act with a child's moral abandon. The hero sent by a religious organization to save the town faces an evil far beyond her training.

Futagirl & Jailbait

* Contemporary sci-fi/fantasy, superhero, origins, loli *
The origin story of the superhero team Futagirl and Jail Bait.
Based on a couple Grendel images. First chapter is done.

Futa Skyrim

* Fantasy, adventure, erotica *
A futanari version of skyrim with an unusual dragonborn. The tentacles are just the start. (First two chapters are non AoO. I should also put this on ATF.)
* Keywords: Tentacles, Tentacle Sex, Anal Sex, Futanari, Violence, Necrophilia, Bestiality, Lolita, Underage Sex, Magic, Fantasy, Rape/Non-con Elements, Dragons, Inflation, Come Inflation *

Supergirl in the prison dimension

* superhero, erotica, origin-retelling *
What really happened in the Negative Zone. A different vision of Supergirl's origin story with many changes—while still trying to keep the positive attitude and genuine good nature of the character.


* RPG-ish text game, loli, monsters, cum inflation, eggs, slime. poo *
Scenes for various situations.
While the game itself is on hiatus as I explore options for a different game engine, I can still work on various scenes which can be used.

Alice in Futaland

* Fantasy, adventure, erotica, loli*
Alice in Wonderland with some strange(r) twists, involving things futanari and overly female. Not to mention just weird.
Inspired by a couple Grendel images
Keywords: Futanari, loli, monster sex, anal sex, rape/non-con, shape change, size change


* Sci-fi, mutants, erotica, futanari, loli *
Being a throwback is a curse—at least according to the funtari which inhabit the world. A tormented student deals with torture, betrayal, and tenuous friendship in a world she feels isn't hers. As bad as the torture is, it's better than the alternative: being completely alone.

Liars Club

* Contemporary fantasy/horror *
Three girls form a club where they spread rumors at their school, competing on how the rumors spread and change. Only to discover that some force is taking their rumors and making them true in the worst ways possible.
pretty little liars meets lovecraft

Tentacles. World Domination. Stuff.

* Sci-fi, superhero, erotica, loli *
A student at an exclusive all-girl's school discovers truths about the school, her friends, and her family which turn her world upside down.
This is a novel-length work. My time spent streaming it would be revising and editing.

The Garden

* Sci-fi, monsters, erotica, extreme modification *
Aliens research biological processes to better understand life by using captured human children in experiments. Or maybe they're just pervy.

The Tree

* Fantasy, horror, erotica, transformation *
Three friends discover a strange tree near a favorite picnic spot. They are turned into forest spirits and become embroiled in an ancient battle against the encroaching humans.

Young Bloods

* Fantasy politics/intrigue, loli, transformation, magic *
A group of children end up in a violent, political struggle as their world/civilization falls apart. Magical elements. The forging of allies and friendships. The strain of political necessity endangering friendship and humanity.
Lord of the flies meets Fire and Ice?

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