Zunz : Ah, that one. A classic ;D

Zunz : I really like Fuchur's (the artist) style

Guest : I would love to play in "babysitting. If I knew what kind of game it was. And similar games of the one that I threw off.

Zunz : https://mega.nz/#!MQ9ikJLL!M5BpR0JTUHv5SSgCME4jFVFii0GpuWoXG9altDkcUrY

Zunz : try that one if you wish

Zunz : https://media.8ch.net/file_store/d85e94f3e0b46c5ab57f52b76c6d871c87b8bab7555f77dd53182c06fca621b6.jpg

Guest : Thanks downloaded. Later play

Guest : If you know similar games, I'll be happy to play.

Zunz : Well I guess I will stop here for today

Zunz : thanks for watching

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