Knight : ooh dosey

Jack2089 : I can already tell I am going to have to do some grinding, if the foxes themselves are giving me this much trouble

Jack2089 : So with that I am going to call it a night

Leelee : thx for the stream :)

Jack2089 : Tanks for watching, I will be back next weekend, friday for the Nauta/watt speed runs, and saturday/sunday to continue the maniac run

Bhaal : Thank you

Jack2089 : Im gonna go eat dinner now, bye everyone!

Bhaal : bye

Leelee : bye

Knight : ttyl

Streaming SHotaxMonsters on the weekends!

Friday: 6PM CDT Central (occasionally)

Satuday: 11am CDT Central

Sunday" 1pm CDT Central

I will also be posting recordings of the stream to google drive! So if you can't make Friday's stream, but would still like to see it before Saturday's stream, just send me a PM and I will link you to the Google drive account, where you can watch or download the footage at your leisure (note: I will begin the upload immediately after the stream, but it may not be available until several hours later). Same goes for Saturday's stream!

If I don't finish this weekend, dependent on what difficulty I play, and how long I stream for, then I will likely continue the stream the following weekend! Until it is beaten!

But wait! There's more!

After I beat the game, I will take a 1-2 week break, and then come back and tackle NG+
Which will feature a secret romance, 4 new classes to try out, and an extra challenging dungeon, with 3 new Bosses!
And the dreaded Maniac Difficulty! Will I be able to conquer the monsters? or will they make me their Bitch?

It all starts tonight! So come on by, and hang out with me, and other fellow friends, for a night of fun, romance, and all the cute Shota Boy Monsters you can handle!

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