Streams: 0

Changes already made:
- each stream now has their own chat channel so when you go watch iratu's stream it will open "iratu-stream"
- "support" channel will no longer be shown when watching a stream (you can still access it from the main shoutbox)
- "atf-stream" will be removed from the main shoutbox
- Avatars + Name colours work on both http and https now (previously worked only on https)
- indication of what streams are currently live
- Live Streams: currently there is no indication on the main page if a stream is online expect for the main one (which shows up in the top-right corner). A sidebar could be added that shows what streams are currently online.
- Offline image has been added.
- New HTML5 stream!
- Start/End times now uses the time-zone set in your Account settings on the forum.
- info page for each streamer
Info page: either a button attached below each streamer which opens an overlay or a separate page. Streamers could fill this information when they register or edit it at later stage.

Changes that are pending:
- timetable for upcoming streams
- Multible quality options, Partially done, it automatically changes quality if your browser can't keep up.
- stream subscription - send PM or mail, not sure.

Upcoming streams: this could be done with IPS calendar as events, shown in a widget or sidebar (or in the calendar view itself).

Thoughts? Can something else be used besides the IPS calendar? Putting up a stickied forum thread (or a wiki) where streamers would announce/write down their next broadcasts would obviously be the easiest, but it doesn't really help to promote those streams as it would require users to check it periodically for updates and shuffling through the posts and calculating timezones would be time-consuming.