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This site is still in BETA! some bugs may occur!

This site is to allow ATF members to stream what they want, with almost no rules aside from obvious laws like no Child Pornography and stuff.

You can stream to "rtmp://" and for stream key use your username, no other info is needed, if you keep getting disconnected you might need to re-log on the ATF site from the PC you wish to stream from due to an IP check system built in to prevent non authorized streamers stealing your stream account.

!!!WARNING!!! the images are outdated, the URL explained in the images are incorrect use the one mentioned above!!!

Examples Open Broadcaster Software(OBS); XSplit;

Currently it Maxes you to 4500 Kbps Bitrate and 1080p quality, this might change someday.

To view the chat in 3rd party programs (like HexChat) add the server "' using the default port 6667.

It is suggested to use your ATF Username which is "", you can "authenticate" by using the following command; /MSG NickServ IDENTIFY